Student Success


What is Student Success?

The role of the Student Success Teacher (SST) at Grimsby Secondary School, is to facilitate the acquisition of credits for the struggling student. To keep students on track for graduation, the formula of 16 credits by age 16 is applied.

The SST is a mentor/advocate for these identified students. There is a definite need to consider each student individually so on-going consultation with the classroom teacher is a must. The classroom teacher remains the curriculum expert, and he or she will ultimately evaluate and assess the student. 

Working with guidance, administration, credit recovery and the in-school support team, the SST identifies the at-risk students, initiates program changes, advocates for students and tracks progress.

In order to make the program changes which will meet the needs of these students, the SST must also be aware of the support systems and alternate programs offered beyond the immediate school interventions. Often times, there is a need to be creative with timetables, workload, co-op and other educational settings. Working together, students will be successful and be on track to graduate.

How do I access Student Success?

If you need help managing a class or classes at GSS, you should contact the Student Success department. Our offices are found to the right in main row across from the main office. You may also contact us via the Student Learning Commons in room 100.

Mrs. LeBeau is the Program Leader for Student Supports and Mrs. Putzman, and Mr. Silverthorne are Student Success teachers. Mrs. LeBeau and Mrs. Vasko are SERTs (Special Education Resource Teachers). We are all available to help you so please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

If you have any questions or are a parent with concerns, you can also reach us by emailing Christine LeBeau at or by phoning the school at (905) 945-5416.


Eagles Grade 9 Mentorship Program

This program starts with Camp Eagle and will continue throughout the school year. If you were not able to go to Camp Eagle, don't worry - every grade 9 at GSS will be matched with a senior student mentor. Throughout the school year, there will be dates where we get together in our mentorship groups and talk about various topics including transitioning to high school, getting involved with the many activities GSS offers, preparing for exams and more. This program will culminate in a fun team building excursion to take place in May. 

Student of the Month

Character into Action

Each month GSS will focus on one of the eight DSBN character traits. Teachers will nominate students who they feel have fully demonstrated the designated trait through their actions both inside and outside of the school. The Student Success team will then collate the names of the nominees for the teachers to vote on. There will be one Student of the Month for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 from September through June. 

Students of the Month will be awarded a certificate outlining this achievement, a GSS swag bag, a free large pita sponsored by Pita Pit, and their photo posted on the Student of the Month spot on the television in Main Row. This is considered to be an amazing accomplishment for all who are recognized!

Peer Tutoring

Need a Tutor?

If you feel like you could use extra support in any of your classes sign up for a peer tutor through the link below. A peer tutor is a fellow student who will work with you to help you understand the material being covered in a course. The Student Success team will match you with a tutor who is strong in your specific subject area of need. You will make arrangements with your tutor to meet  on your own time at lunch or before or after school. You and the tutor will make your own schedule. You are reminded that they are volunteering to help you so please remember when you make appointments!

Want to be a Tutor?

Being a peer tutor is a rewarding experience that will help you consolidate your knowledge and feel good about helping someone else. You can use this experience on your resume and may be able to earn community service hours for it too! If you are interested in becoming a tutor, fill out the application form below and the Student Success team will keep it in our files. When we have a request from a student looking for help in your subject areas of strength, we will contact you and make the match. When you meet your tutee, you will arrange to get together with them on your own schedule. Many will plan to meet at lunch time or before or after school. 

Student Success Initiatives

Useful Links

  • Camp Eagle
  • Eagles Grade 9 Mentorship Program
  • Student of the Month
  • Student Learning Commons (Room 100)
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Math Help
  • Peer Tutors
  • Credit Rescue
  • Credit Recovery
  • Tracking
  • Specialist High Skills Major

Student Success Team Members

Mat Miller - Principal
Jessica Folino - Vice Principal
Christine LeBeau - Program Leader for Student Supports; Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT)
Erica Zombolas - Student Success / First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies Program Leader
Lori Vasko - SERT
Jackie Walton - Program Leader for Guidance and Career Pathways
Lloyd Bosnic - Guidance Counsellor
Joedy Ebert - Guidance Counsellor
Sarah Nepon  - Social Worker
Sue Hamilton - Youth Counsellor
Joanne MacLellan- School Nurse