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Welcome to Grimsby Athletics

September - November
Coach: Ms. E Smith, Mrs. Heeringa

Do you 'rule the paint', throw 'three-pointers from downtown', or would just love to try?  Then join the junior or senior Girls' Basketball team! Each team plays a 10-12 game schedule (play-offs to follow) in a season that runs from September until mid-November.  Practices are held two to three times per week, before and/or after school. Uniforms are provided, but students must provide their own appropriate shoes. Twelve – fifteen students are selected for each team.  If you'd like to be one of them, come and try out for the Girls' Basketball team!

September - November
Coach: Mrs. Buratini, Mr. Bonazza

Grimsby Secondary School is excited to have both, a Junior and Senior Boys Volleyball team for this upcoming 2018-2019 season.The Junior boys Volleyball Team is open to all student athletes in grade 9 and 10, while the Senior Boys Team is for boys in grade 11 and 12. The Boys Volleyball season includes schedule league play and a variety of local tournaments which aid in the developing skills of our players. Practices are multiple times per week, either morning or afternoon. Each coach will discuss the schedule with their players.

September - October
Coach: Mrs. M Short

Girls’ Field hockey has returned to Grimsby Secondary School. This varsity team is open to all female athletes from grade 9-12. Last year’s Eagles went all the way to the SOSSA final! The 2018 Field hockey season will be comprised of a number of jamborees where the team will get to compete against a number of local teams in a tournament format.  We have had such a great turnout we will be running a competitive (A) team and a development (B) team. Both teams will get real game experience this year!

September - November
Coach: Brad Holland

The Grimsby Golf team enjoys a number of days where they get to compete against other DSBN schools on a few of the local Golf Courses in the Niagara Region. Although, golf is a team sport, student athletes can qualify individually for subsequent tournaments by attaining a qualifying score on the Zone sanctioned golf course.

September - November
Coaches: Mr Z Silverthorne, Mr. G Aloian, and Mr. Hvozda

The Varsity Football Team is open to all student athletes wanting to engage in some fierce competition and team camaraderie. The Football team practices everyday after school and competes in game play once a week beginning in mid September.

Coach: Mr. Piotrowski
September to October

Junior and Senior tennis teams practice twice a week throughout September and October and have Zone tournaments in September and SOSSA tournament October.  Singles and pairs positions on the team are available but due to the short season, prior experience is an asset. It is an intense but fun experience!

March to June
Coach : Ms. M. Short

This sport is relatively new to Grimsby Secondary School, and in the past two years has attracted a number of new female athletes who can't seem to get enough of the fast paced, high adrenaline pumping energy that the sport offers. The Girls Rugby Team practice two-three times a week after school beginning in late March, and competes in a number of full day jamborees, in addition to their regularly scheduled season games.

Boys  Hockey
October to March
Varsity- Mr. Piotrowski, Mr. Bosnic, and Mr. Hruska
Junior - Mr. Bosnic, Mr. Hruska and Mr. Piotrowski

The Varsity Hockey season runs from mid October right up until March. The team will play approx 20-30 games with  30 practices in the morning before school hours. We are always looking for Grade 9 and 10 players.There are 2 mandatory practices each week along with one to two games a week. If you play rep hockey you are eligible to play high school hockey, however, you need to commit to both teams. The fee to play high school hockey is roughly $250.

The Jr. Hockey team will start up in February practicing once a week and will play roughly 8 inter-league games and enter approximately 3-4 tournaments. The season will conclude in mid April.

Girls Hockey
November to March
Coaches: Mr. Hruska, Mr. Piotrowski and Mr. Bosnic:

The Girls Hockey season runs from November right up until March. The team will play approx 20-30 games with  one practice a week after school hours. We are always looking for Grade 9 and 10 players. If you play rep hockey you are eligible to play high school hockey, however, you need to commit to both teams. The fee to play high school hockey is roughly $250. The Girls program has been very successful the last few years advancing to SOSSA and OFSAA.

Swim Team - October to March
Coaches: Miss Johnston and Mrs. Courchesne

Swim Team officially begins in October and runs through to the OFSAA Championships held in March. Juniors compete with other juniors, and seniors against seniors. All students are welcome to participate.  A basic knowledge of swim strokes and the ability to tread water is the only requirement. There are three formal meets at Brock University Pool throughout the season, leading up to OFSAA.

Boys and Girls Soccer
April to June
Girls Coach: Ms. E. Smith and Mr. McBride
Boys Coach:Ms Burattini and Mr. Coates

The school offers a boys' and girls' soccer team with practices following the March Break.  Each team of up to 20 players play a 6-8 game season that runs through May. Uniforms are provided for players.  Students must provide their own soccer spikes and shin pads. The regular schedule is usually supplemented by one or two tournaments.  Boys and girls of all ages are invited to try out for the teams. Practices run in the gym
until the weather clears for field play. Coaches will discuss the practice schedule with team members.

Ultimate Frisbee
Coach: Karen Heeringa
April - June

This co-ed varsity team will consist of beginner to experienced Ultimate players from grades 9 - 12 who love to play competitively, play fair, be outdoors, and throw a disc! Our practices will prepare us for a few recreational tournaments against other participating schools in the DSBN and possibly participation in the SOSSA qualifier.

Girls Volleyball
Coach: Ms. Travis
November to March

The girls’ volleyball season stretches from late November into March and there are teams at both the Junior and Senior levels.  The season is composed of 8-12 games and 2 or 3 tournaments. We are either playing or practicing 3-4 times per week and a full commitment is expected.  If you are serious about playing volleyball this is a good opportunity for some excellent competition. Players generally have a wide range of abilities, but all girls develop their skills in volleyball while having fun and experiencing success in a positive team environment.

Girls Slow Pitch
Coach: Ms. Travis
April to May

The girl’s slo-pitch season is short, but exciting!  Practices begin in the gym in April and we move outdoors as soon as the weather permits.  Experience is not necessary, but a baseball glove is! We participate in 3-4 tournaments during the month of May and there is always lots of FUN IN THE SUN!!

September - November
Coaches: Mrs. K Heeringa and Mrs. S Richter

The Cross Country team is open to all student athletes who want to experience a wide array of cross country training. The Cross Country Team meets Monday - Thursday to train. Training for Cross Country includes road running, hill and interval training. The Cross Country team participates in one - two Invitational Meets at the beginning of their season and then proceed to the Qualifying Meets which begin mid October and run through to the OFSAA Championships in November.

November to June
Coach: Sandie Coppinger

Rowing is a sport that requires hard work, dedication, the ability to work as a team and, most importantly, the ability to have fun.

Training for the school season begins in the Spartacus room in November. Students new to the sport learn the mechanics of the rowing stroke on the ergometer and begin to build their cardiovascular base. This involves rowing on the erg, running and circuit weights. Experienced rowers begin a more advanced program to further increase their fitness base.

At the beginning of April, rowers begin on the water. Practices are everyday and regattas take place on weekends. Some rowers begin their days at 5am! We participate in various regattas locally like Mother’s Day and the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Championships (Schoolboy) as well as in regattas out of town like the Stotesbury Cup in Philadelphia, PA. The rowing season ends the first weekend of June with the Schoolboy Regatta.


February to May
Coaches: Mrs. Courchesne

The badminton team begins informal matches in late February and team selections for the midget, junior and senior teams are made in March. There is a wide array of teams for student athletes to choose to participate on, including singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Coach: ?
March to June

Baseball is a spring activity that begins practice after the March Break and culminates at the end of May with a championship day tournament to determine the league champion.  Baseball is open to all GSS students.

Boys Basketball
Coach:  Mr. B. Holland (Junior), Mrs. K. Courchesne (Senior)
November to March

Basketball is offered at the junior and senior levels and runs from mid-November to the end of February.  Each team plays a 10-12 game schedule with playoffs to follow. Tournaments entered number three to four per team and usually run on weekends.  Practices are held daily and could be either before or after school. Uniforms are provided by the school. Students must provide their own running shoes.  Twelve-fifteen students are selected for each team.


November to March

Both boys’ and girls’ curling teams practice at the Grimsby Curling Club and play 10 games within the board leading to playoffs.


Field Hockey
Coach: Mrs. Short
September to November

This sport occurs in the Fall from September to October. It involves many skills associated with soccer and is played by girls with a flat sided stick on a field outdoors. It is a short season but a lot of fun. No experience is needed and in fact most girls have never played before. Yet after a few basic skills are learned, you become proficient at the sport and it becomes an incredibly fun sport.

Track and Field
Coach: Ms. K. Courchesne
April to June

The outdoor track season begins in March and continues through the first week of June.  Events include sprints, middle distance, hurdles, throwing and jumping. There are three age categories for both boys and girls. There are five elimination meets starting in May.